Medical and Health system

Enhance your medical systems by choosing ACPI’s products!

To make medical service better, computerizing hospital is now optimizing and generalizing. Bring advantages of extreme durability and high quality, ACPI’s SATA DOM is applied to health care systems in Europe. With our high level products, medical equipment enhances performance and also provides better medical environment.


Gaming automation

Gaming industry is one of an emerging business over the world. ACPI provides different solutions to meet customers' needs. Pack all the benefits of customized software and expert technology, we offer the ideal performance for gaming systems.



We do our best to create ideal solutions

Traffic computer systems play a major role in this generation. ACPI’s msata is now applied to transportation centers in Europe and Asia. In order to manage our transportation infrastructure, from complex air traffic control systems to interlaced networks of rail lines and maritime port, you’ll need products that extremely stable and durable. ACPI devotes to offer high-quality products which come equipped with features including dynamic power management, excellent resistance, and exceptional reliability.


POS system

According to the progress in technology, Point of Sale (POS) systems are comprehensively used around our life. To make a business much more efficient, ACPI’s industrial-grade products are applied to auto paying machines in numerous car parks. We guarantee that our products feature the best performance and temperature standards for different applications.


Cloud security system

ACPI secures your cloud systems!

As the Cloud computing matures and grows up, the necessity of having server-grade storage will become imperative. Our server-grade products undergo strict qualification to guarantee dependable, long-term performance, and high speed for working in cloud computing environments. Moreover, ACPI’s expert engineer team design a software, called Security Customization Tool, delivering an umbrella of protection for your systems.