Server Applications

As servers are becoming more and more widely used, cloud computing has become an indispensable technology. The industry has gradually increased the specification requirements for servers. Its main requirements are high speed, long life, good scalability, and stable performance. In order to facilitate the processing of complex and huge amounts of data.


From monitoring → recording → calculation → identification → tracking, a comprehensive control mechanism has been established. The intelligent security monitoring and the development of network communication interfaces have continued to improve the technical core towards efficiency.


In vehicle and transportation applications, from navigation systems, collision avoidance systems, detection systems, automatic driving control, etc., to station access control and monitoring equipment, the SSD and DRAM provided by ACPI can meet the needs of stable and safe reading and writing of data. It can also withstand the test of extreme environments.

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ACPI provides manufacturers of industrial and embedded flash memory and memory solutions, focusing on medical, transportation, monitoring systems, communications and servers and other industries.

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We not only provide software and hardware services, but also transcend software barriers to achieve ultimate integration and provide the most perfect software and hardware integration solutions.


With years of investment and performance, we understand the strict requirements of different vertical markets and ensure that we can achieve the best service in different application fields.

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We always embrace the concept of "extreme service" and integrate this humanistic spirit into every corner of our daily life and work. In the digital frenzy, "technology combined with human nature" has become 's service tenet.

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Our production line are aiming future of AIoT to everything.Are you ready to upgrade to a smarter future, powered by ACPI?
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