Server Applications

As servers are more and more widely used, cloud computing has become an indispensable technology. The industry has gradually increased the specification requirements for servers. Its main requirements are high speed, long life, good scalability and stable performance. In order to facilitate the processing of complex and huge amount of data.

Low energy efficiency

Low-energy-efficient software computing often consumes the speed of the storage device, and server applications are operated for a long time without shutting down. Therefore, the storage device needs features such as low latency and low power consumption.

Small space, high performance

Due to space limitations, 1U blade servers have become the mainstream in the industry. ACPI DOM series products have the characteristics of small size and high capacity, which meet the 1U institutional restrictions.

Multitasking efficiency

ACPI launched the M.2 PCIe series products, which have excellent performance and excellent speed. All series of products support abnormal power failure protection function (Power Shield), even in the environment of unstable voltage, still maintain the integrity of data storage. ACPI specially develops the remote monitoring software Flash Health Remoter for customers, which can grasp the status, life cycle of SSD products, and whether there is any error information such as Bad Block. ACPI DOM series storage devices solve various server and workstation institutional restrictions for customers.


  • DNS Server
  • Web Server
  • Mail Server
  • Database Server
  • File Server
  • Application Server

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