Smart transportation is the integration of automation and communication technology, through communication and sensing methods, and combined with on-board control equipment to provide better traffic conditions. Vehicle and transportation applications, from navigation systems, collision avoidance systems, detection systems, automatic driving control, etc., to station access control and monitoring equipment. The SSD and DRAM provided by ACPI can meet the needs of stable and safe reading and writing of data. Withstand the test of extreme environments.

Resistance to extreme weather

The vehicle system and the station infrastructure to resist extreme weather are all set up outdoors and must face the challenge of extreme weather. ACPI SSD storage device supports wide temperature technology (-40℃~+85℃), owns IC testing equipment, and strictly controls the parts. 100% of the products have been read and write tested, providing double guarantees to ensure that the system will operate in extreme climates. Stable operation.

Power stability

ACPI SSD storage device supports abnormal power failure protection function (Power Shield), which can still ensure the complete preservation of important data and software in an unstable power environment.

Shockproof design

The ACPI SSD storage device has passed the IEC 60068-2-2 vibration test, allowing the vehicle system to run stably in any harsh environment.


  • Fleet management
  • Rail transport
  • On-board computer
  • Vehicle monitoring equipment
  • Public transportation

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