In recent years, gaming has created unlimited business opportunities. In addition to traditional casinos, online games, app software, AR/VR and other technical applications have been derived. Players can experience gaming entertainment anytime and anywhere through the Internet.

Data protection

Data information is gradually shifting to cloud devices, and information security is extremely important. In order to prevent hackers from tampering with the data, resulting in abnormal data and causing losses to the industry. ACPI SSD storage device has write protection technology (Write Protection) and provides multiple data encryption functions (AES-256, TCG OPAL 2.0, etc.) to prevent data from being written and reduce information security risks.

High efficiency

As the new generation of gaming machines pay more and more attention to the richness of images, ACPI SSD storage devices provide 3D TLC NAND technology with PCIe SSD solutions for ultra-high-quality image processing requirements, which not only improve the read and write speed, but also reduce The power consumption characteristics can meet the needs of the industry.

Sustainable use

Gaming applications have the characteristics of intensive reading and writing of small data. ACPI SSD storage devices use firmware page mapping to divide the data into 4KB small files to reduce the frequency of block erasure; garbage collection and TRIM Order to reduce unnecessary wear and tear and increase service life.


  • Slot Machine
  • Lottery machine
  • Pachinko
  • Horse racing machine
  • Game server

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