ACPI devote to create efficient and high-quality devices for used in both commercial and industrial environments. With expert technical engineer team, SMT line, and automatic production equipment, we guarantee reliability, stability, and longevity to fulfill all of your requirements. ACPI’s world-class team has the experience that knows the properties of DRAM and FLASH well.


In order to extend product life, we also designed the software as below:


Security: Security Customization Tool

“Data Security always counts!”

ACPI’s security customization tool delivers a scalable and effective solution that allows you to conduct your business under an umbrella of protection. We also provide a customer command program to satisfy your requirement.

The service itself covers:

1.License Key:  Define Your License or User-Key

                 PASS the security flow with Se-Key

                 Via advance vendor command to get your License or User-Key

2.Read Only:  PASS the security flow with Se-Key

               Via advance vendor command to set Read-Only or writable

3.Data Erase:  Quick Erase

               Full Erase

               Quick Destroy


S.M.A.R.T.: Flash Health Monitor

In SSD product series, we provide the tool so called “Flash Health Monitor”, S.M.A.R.T. tool, which provides users with an easy-to-use interface which effectively helps monitoring the healthiness of the flash device acting as a life guard, giving enough time of preparation for users to do necessary data backup.


Power Cycling

ACPI’s storage devices are being tested under 3000 time power cycling test, in order to ensure the data reliability during abnormal ‘NO’ and ‘OFF’ power condition.