Your best choice for industrial memory solutions.

ACPI DIGITAL is devoted to delivering solutions that precisely fulfill customer's requirements for features,

Performance and quality.


1. Quick Decision is Characteristic of ACPI

Whether you want basic data storage or industry flash memory performance. ACPI’s products are your best solution. From industrial solid-state drives, removable storage cards and DOM series to DRAM module, we help you capture, access, and transfer data faster than ever. Our solutions provide outstanding speed, performance, and reliability.


2. Quick Service when you need

Your success is our success. ACPI continue to a commitment to delivering an outstanding quality of service to our customers whom we achieve but listening to them and understanding their operational needs.


3. 100% Test for Reliability

ACPI insist to provide 100% tested for all products which have undergone extensive reliability testing (Extended and industrial temperature testing, environmental testing, application testing) to ensure the stability of products.


4. Experienced Technical Support

With our engineering expertise we provide support during product qualification and can help end customers to integrate our products into their application. Depending on our customers’ needs, our R&D SSD series product has successfully entered the global market and has won excellent public praise from our client.


5. Accountability

It is our aim to develop and maintain a reputation based on honesty, technical expertise, and high standards of workmanship and to charge prices that are fair and easily understood by clients.


6. Quality Standard

ACPI takes pride in its proactive role in verifying the quality and reliability of the components used in ACPI products. ACPI product is designed and built with components that are purchased from qualified suppliers that meet our high quality standards.


7. Business Alliance

ACPI has many years of experience in the memory business, through our global collaboration and integration endeavors. ACPI continuously meets the demands of our customers, and is entirely committed to innovative product research into industrial computing innovation.


8. Our Factory

Our factory occupies 2,200 square meters, with ISO 9001:2008 certification, well-trained staff members, SMT equipment, and automatic production equipment.


9. Customer Design

We have immense technical knowledge with extensive capabilities of designing and developing standard or custom systems. ACPI owns global sales channel to effective and competent sales staff on hand to serve your needs.