ACPI Unbuffered DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs (Unbuffered Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Modules) are high-speed operation memory modules that use DDR3 SDRAM devices.
These Unbuffered SDRAM DIMMs are intended for use as main memory when installed in systems such as PCs and workstations.


  • Compliance with JEDEC Standard
  • RoHS Compliant (Lead Free) 
  • 100% Module on System Board Testing
  • Basic Read / Write Function Test
  • Function Test with Mostly Strict Test Condition
  • High performance and reliability




  • Power Supply:

VDD=1.5V (1.425V to 1.575V)

VDD=1.35V (1.283V to 1.45V) Backward Compatible with 1.5V 

  • 8 internal banks
  • Data transfer rates:


  • Bi-Directional Differential Data Strobe
  • 8 bit pre-fetch
  • Burst Length (BL) switch on-the-fly BL8 or BC4(Burst Chop)
  • On-Die Termination (ODT)
  • Serial presence detect with EEPROM
  • PCB Height : 30.00 mm
Interface SSTL15
Capacity 1/2/4/8GB
Temperature Normal-Temp
-Operating Temp.:0˚C~+70˚C
-Operating Temp.: -40˚C~+85˚C
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Data rate 800/1066/1333/1600/1866Mb/s
Voltage 1.5V (1.425V-1.575V) 
1.35V (1.28V-1.45V)
Package 78-ball BGA for x8 
Burst length BC4, BL = 8 
Rest Yes
Module Type 240pin DDR3 SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM Non-ECC
  • Applications

  • Embedded Application
  • Industrial motherboard
  • Digital Signage
  • Cloud Server
  • Telecom system
  • Hard held device
  • Transportation
  • Medical & healthcare
  • eHOME
  • Kiosk / POI
  • Surveillance
  • POS
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