CFS3F series is all new industrial SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) high-speed transmission interface CFast 2.0 memory card. This card Compliant with CFast 2.0 specifications, and designed with new generation controller that easily exceed the performance limit for CompactFlash, and providing more high speed and more stable data transmission efficiency. This card build in Global wear-leveling algorithm technology eliminates excessive write operation and extends product life, and 66-bit/1KB ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality ensures highly reliable of data transfer and data integrity.



  • High performance and reliability
  • Code Storage Device for Embedded Operating System
  • CFast Specification Version 2.0 Compliant
  • Built-in 66-bit/1KByte ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality ensures highly reliable of data transfer
  • Advanced wear-leveling and Block Management
  • Noiseless and stable installation to system
  • Support Security Customization tool
  • Support Flash Health Monitor
Model Name CFS3F / CFS3F-T / CFS3F-M / CFS3F-MT
NAND Flash Type SLC, MLC
Interface SATA III 6Gb/s compatible
Form Factor CFast
Connector Type SATA (7 + 17 pin)
External DRAM Buffer N/A
Capacity SLC 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
MLC 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
pSLC 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Sequential R/W Performance Read:Up to 168.9 MB/sec(Max.),Write: Up to 169.2 MB/sec(Max.)
Temperature Operation Temperature range:
Normal Temp: 0 to 70 ℃.
Wide-Temp:-40 to 85 ℃.
Storage Temperature range: -55 to 95 ℃.
S.M.A.R.T. Yes
Security Tool Yes
MTBF > 2 million hours
Vibration (Operating) 20G Peak, 7~2000Hz
Shock 1500G, 0.5ms
Dimension (LxWxH) 41.8*36.4*3.3mm
Weight 10 gram
Warranty SLC: 5 Year(Limited)
MLC: 3 Year(Limited
Voltage DC +3.3V ± 5%
Package Industrial Standard Package


  • Embedded Application
  • Industrial motherboard
  • Digital Signage
  • Cloud Server
  • Telecom system
  • Hard held device
  • Transportation
  • Medical & healthcare
  • eHOME
  • Kiosk / POI
  • Surveillancel
  • POS
Name Download
ACPI_Industrial_SATAIII_CFast Card (CFS3F)Series_Datasheet-20171027 Download
Model Name P/N Capacity Flash Type Temp
CFS3F CFC004GR6-F513A006 4GB Toshiba-24nm SLC Normal-Temp
CFC008GR6-F613A006 8GB
CFC008GR6-F513A006 8GB
CFC016GR6-F613A006 16GB
CFC016GR6-F513A006 16GB
CFC032GR6-F613A006 32GB
CFS3F-T CFI004GR6-F513A006 4GB Toshiba-24nm SLC Wide-Temp
CFI008GR6-F613A006 8GB
CFI008GR6-F513A006 8GB
CFI016GR6-F613A006 16GB
CFI016GR6-F513A006 16GB
CFI032GR6-F613A006 32GB
CFS3F-F CFC004GR6-J613A00C 4GB Toshiba-15nm pSLC Normal-Temp
CFC008GR6-J613A00C 8GB
CFC016GR6-J613A00C 16GB
CFC032GR6-J713A00C 32GB
CFC064GR6-J813A00C 64GB
CFS3F-FT CFI004GR6-J613A00C 4GB Toshiba-15nm pSLC Wide-Temp
CFI008GR6-J713A00C 8GB
CFI016GR6-J713A00C 16GB
CFI032GR6-J713A00C 32GB
CFI064GR6-J813A00C 64GB
CFS3F-M CFC008GR6-G613A00C 8GB Toshiba-15nm MLC Normal-Temp
CFC016GR6-G613A00C 16GB
CFC032GR6-G613A00C 32GB
CFC032GR6-G713A00C 32GB
CFC064GR6-G713A00C 64GB
CFC064GR6-G813A00C 64GB
CFC128GR6-G813A00C 128GB
CFC016GR6-G713A0ZC 16GB
CFC032GR6-G713A0ZC 32GB
CFC064GR6-G713A0ZC 64GB
CFC064GR6-G813A0ZC 64GB
CFC128GR6-G813A0ZC 128GB
CFS3F-MT CFI008GR6-G613A00C 8GB Toshiba-15nm MLC Wide-Temp
CFI016GR6-G713A00C 16GB
CFI032GR6-G713A00C 32GB
CFI064GR6-G713A00C 64GB
CFI128GR6-G813A00C 128GB
CFI016GR6-G713A0ZC 16GB
CFI032GR6-G713A0ZC 32GB
CFI064GR6-G713A0ZC 64GB
CFI064GR6-G813A0ZC 64GB
CFI128GR6-G813A0ZC 128GB