ACPI Digital launched the latest version of DDR4 Memory, showing extreme performance


Market research agencies estimate DDR3 will be replaced DDR4 by the end of 2016 officially and become the mainstream server market. ACPI Digital launched the new DDR4 2400 4GB/8GB /16GB DRAM module can provide customers extreme performance and increase system performance beyond DDR3.


ACPI’s new DDR4 DRAM module with original high quality grains, transmission frequencies up to 2400MHz with the transmission bandwidth boosted up to 17GB/s. In terms of power consumption, an extra-low voltage of 1.2V delivers a 20% reduction in voltage, concurrently reducing the stand-by power consumption by 37%, delivering a 33% improvement in performance


DDR4 Series Module is suitable for server data centers, cloud devices and Internet of Things (IoT) . ACPI’s DDR4 dram modules series has 100% gone through rigorous environments and motherboard test ensured compatibility and stability.

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