ACPI Digital exclusive smart power technology to meet the upgrading requirements

Global industrial products leader ACPI Digital grasp the market trends, the launch of the new products: 2.5 -inch SATA III 6GB/s SSD-SED2FIII 2.5-inch SATAIII SSD for its industrial controls products added force. New storage device not only has excellent read and write performance and strong security mechanisms, the full product capacity can provide perfect protection for enterprises, meet the needs of different levels of equipment.

SED2FIII Support ACPI Digital exclusive research and development of intelligent power protection technology (Expert Power Shield Technology), special charge/discharge management, make the product in normal operation with stable voltage of tantalum electric charging is beyond the industry-standard design. When normal power failure occurs, can maintain a steady voltage supply data storage operations, ensuring data integrity for enterprise customers. In addition, the latest SSD SED2FIII storage upgrade to 1TB, combined with next-generation SATA III high speed transmission interface, DDR3 DRAM cache and select SMI chip quality control, gives users a complete and comprehensive protection.

ACPI Digital: "the Internet of things bring many new business opportunities, a huge amount of data memory the great leap forward. In response to the industrial control market efficiency and stability of the product in accordance with the ACPI to provide customers with multiple anti- Designer, the new SSD supports many useful features, including Expert Power Shield Technology intelligent power technology, and Wear- Leveling average write blocks of storage technologies and advanced TRIM and S.M.A.R.T. Instructions, product performance and to achieve real and effective positioning. For enterprise-level server platforms, advanced traffic monitoring system, medical apparatus, image recording, and CNC equipment. 」

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