ACPI Digital Co., Ltd. is the leading provider for flash storage devices of industrial applications and embedded systems. Established in April 2003, we specialize in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing for our customers. With extensive experiences and profound knowledge in NAND flash memory, we are capable of developing series of products with excellent performance, remarkable quality, and maximum reliability. 

By applying our product development expertise, our company offers a wide range of unique products for varieties of markets. All of our products are rigorously qualified in ACPI’s Compatibility Labs, and also are then tested and approved by Tier 1 motherboard manufacturers and other industry partners.

The policy of ACPI has always been committed to providing our customers highly reliable products and right solutions with professional services and qualified skills. 

ACPI Digital is devoted to delivering solutions that precisely fulfill customers’ requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, to be the first vendor choice within the embedded products and consumer electronic industries is our permanent vision with our dedication to services and quality at all times. 


The Core Value of ACPI

The four abbreviations of ACPI convey the message and spirit of our role:
a – accountability; "Doing the right thing"; the very first alphabet underlies the way in which we behave and act.
c – creativity; turning cutting-edge concepts into reality.
p – professionalism; empowering the know-how with passion to achieve the best outcome.
i – integrity; delivering trustworthy products and services to our customers.



-Crane was associated with longevity, immortality, and prosperity in China culture, while retaining the foundation of ACPI’s background.

-The ACPI logo has been given a new life with the image of a Crane; it represents the company’s Spirit-Accountability,        Creativity, Professionalism and Integrity.

-The Crane’s agility suggests that ACPI is highly responsive to market and consumer demands; its swiftness demonstrates leading innovation and productivity in the industry.



2013 A+CPI displayed industrial product lineup at Embedded World 2013. 
CPI Digital officially change company name to ACPI Digital.
2012 A+CPI attends Embedded World/ESC/ESEC/Computex.
2011 A+CPI releases the smallest SATA EDOM.
2010 Officially announced own brand: A+CPI for embedded product.
2009 Officially announced USB 3.0 product series.
2007 Officially announced SSD product series focusing on mobile industrial applications.
2006 Set up factory in Zhonghe, Taipei.
2005 ODM/OEM embedded and consumer storage products.
2003 CPI Digital founded in 2003 by Chairman L.B.Lin.


The Green of ACPI

The Gree Policy of ACPI convey the message and spirit of our role:
-  Obey the laws
-  Prevent pollution
-  Resource conservation
-  Recycling and reusing
-  Continue improving